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Mastri Birrai Umbri

Cotta 21

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Italian Craft Wheat Beer with spelt.

Mastri Birrai Umbri’s unfiltered Wheat Beer is crafted in Italy according to the Cotta 21 recipe from a selection of the best Italian spelt and the finest malts.

5,49 Vat Included

In stock SKU#: A6062
  • 750ML
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Alcohol volume

5,6% Vol

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The International Beer Challenge 2016 - Silver Medal

The International Beer Challenge 2018 - Bronze Medal

Exploring the taste

Golden and cloudy, with a thick and white head. The rich aroma reveals hints of lemon blossoms and summer fruit with spicy undertones. The delicate, smooth flavour of the spelt is accompanied by herbaceous notes from the hops.

The brewer's tips

The Cotta 21 Craft Wheat Beer is perfect as an aperitif and pairs well with fresh cheese, fish and shellfish. The recommended serving temperature ranges from 5°C to 6°C.

Recipe and processing

Water, barley malt, spelt (35%), fructose, hops, yeast. The natural sediment at the bottom of the bottle is typical of unfiltered beer and the high-fermentation method.

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Additional information

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300ML, 750ML

Stile della birra


Sentori di birra

Citrus fruit, Floral, Fruity


Appetiser, Dinner, Lunch


First course, Fish/Shellfish, Shellfish, White meat

Brand - Birra


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