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Mastri Birrai Umbri

Cotta 74

6,48 Vat Included 5,83 Vat Included

6,48 Vat Included 5,83 Vat Included

Italian Craft Dark Ale with lentils

Mastri Birrai Umbri’s unfiltered Dark Ale, craft-brewed in Italy according to the Cotta 74 recipe, draws inspiration from abbey beers, combining tradition with innovation.

5,83 Vat Included

in stock SKU#: A6201
  • 750ML
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Alcohol volume

6% Vol


Exploring the taste

Deep brown with a thick and creamy head. The aroma of caramel and ripe fruit enhances the full, balanced body, while warm notes of dark chocolate and a complex aftertaste provide an elegant and enjoyable finish.

The brewer's tips

The Cotta 74 craft Dark Ale pairs well with red meat, matured cheese, cold cuts and desserts. The recommended serving temperature ranges from 10°C to 12°C.

Recipe and processing

Water, barley malt, lentils (15%), fructose, hops, yeast. The natural sediment at the bottom of the bottle is typical of unfiltered beer and the high-fermentation method.

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Brand - Birra


Sentori di birra

Fruity, Spicy

Stile della birra



Dinner, Lunch, Meditation


Cheese, Desserts, Red meat

Tipologia di birra