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Who we are

We put down our roots over two centuries ago in the most uncontaminated part of Umbria, where we conceived such a passion for what grows naturally around us.

We’ve been transforming what generous nature offers us since 1780, with determination and pride. And thanks to our insistence on the genuine and to the talent of our people, we’ve discovered flavours of universal appeal, unique pleasures you can enjoy and share everyday.

Our oil

Down through the generations, the Farchioni family have devoted themselves to selecting the finest quality extra virgin olive oils. Our products today are the fruit of decades of hard work, research and experience. Every bottle we package is a source of pride and our line of olive oils is broad enough to satisfy everyone’s tastes.

Our wine

Terre de la Custodia wines come from lovingly tended vineyards and cellars that are traditional but also employ cutting-edge technology. A tradition that goes back to the Middle Ages, when Franciscan monks planted the first Sagrantino and Grechetto vines here.

Our beer

Mastri Birrai Umbri brew beers that draw on the heritage of Umbria’s craft tradition. Our lands produce not only barley and wheat but also the other ingredients that give our ales their unique flavour, such as spelt, chicklings and lentils. And thanks to our craft process – high fermentation, bottle re-fermentation and non-pasteurization – we can guarantee a far richer bouquet di aromas and tastes than other beers.

Farchioni Olii s.p.a. - Registered Office

Via B. Buozzi, 10

Giano dell'Umbria Perugia - Italy 06030